Shasta Ellenbogen is a Canadian viola player. She studied at conservatories in Amsterdam and London, and was professor of viola and theory at the KM Conservatory in Chennai, India. Ellenbogen was a prizewinner at international competitions in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada. Alongside her career as a soloist and chamber musician, she has worked with several pop artists and is active in experimental and improvised music. Collaborations include Zafraan Ensemble, Serenus Zeitblom Oktett, Hamburger Camerata, Neophon Ensemble, duo with pianist Antonis Anissegos, improv collaborations with Tristan Honsiger, Jon Rose and the Splitter Ensemble, and pop concerts in Taipei Stadium with Sodagreen and the German Pops Orchestra. She has appeared as a soloist and chamber musician at festivals around Europe such as A L’Arme Festival (Berlin) and Podium Festival (Esslingen), Sonic Festival (Copenhagen), Neue Musik im Stadhaus (Ulm) and Vielklang (Tübingen).

Shasta Ellenbogen appears on: THE PROCRUSTEAN BED – apophenia

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