Harri Sjöström is a Finnish saxophonist who specializes in the soprano and sopranino saxophone. He studied saxophone with Harry Mann, Leo Wright and Steve Lacy while also studying photography and film at the Lone Mountain College in San Francisco Art Institute. After leaving the U.S., he moved to Vienna, Austria, which became his doorway to the European improvised music scene. Sjöström moved to Berlin in 1985 where he met Cecil Taylor and since then has been involved in a large number of projects with the legendary pianist and composer. Sjöström founded ensembles like International Quintet Moderne, Quartetto Finlandia, Wait, Motström, Up and Out, the Casserley-DJ Illvibe-Morgan-Sjöström-quartet, European Composers Improvisors Orchestra, Sestetto Internazionale, Trio Internazionale and co-founded The Player Is trio and MOVE-quintet. He has recorded and performed with many musicians, including Cecil Taylor, Evan Parker, Paul Lovens, Derek Bailey, John Russell, Philipp Wachsmann, Tristan Honsinger, Günter Baby Sommer, Stephan Mathieu, Teppo Hauta-Aho, Olaf Rupp or Tony Buck. Sjöström has worked with contemporary improvised music and in mixed media projects including film, photography, visual arts, theater and dance. www.harrisjostrom.com

Harri Sjöström performed on the Procrustean Bed series with “permutation”.

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