The Procrustean Bed is a record label and ongoing concert series dedicated to experimental improvised music.

The concert series is currently taking place at the venue of T-Berlin in Berlin, Germany, and is based on Kriton Beyer’s artistic explorations, each time inviting intriguing new guests to take on the creative challenge together with him. As the title implies, the concept of the concert series is to meet a different challenge in each performance, to explore and combine diverse artistic territories and to make them fit by any possible means.

As of beginning of 2016 most of the performances are being recorded, made available for download on the Procrustean Bed’s bandcamp page and can also be purchased as physical CDs at the concerts of the series and online.

The Procrustean Bed’s indispensable allies:

Thanks to Duncan McKenzie for his support and for offering the space of T-Berlin, making the concerts possible and thus providing the necessary platform for our incalculable experiments.

Thanks to Lluí­s Enguix, sound engineer, for his work and support in all of the Procrustean Bed’s endeavors – the concerts, the recordings, the mixing and mastering and the production of the CDs.

Thanks to Ian Warner, from the State Design Consultancy, for the design of the CD covers and for his support regarding many other technical issues of the Procrustean Bed’s series.

Thanks to everybody else’s help and support for making this project possible and most importantly to all of you who kept turning up at the concerts, bought the CDs and for the continuing interest in our work!


Kriton Beyer
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